Booking Notice

To ensure you receive the desired appointment time, please make sure to book your visit approximately a week in advance. Please be sure to utilize the online booking system, as we do not accept walk-ins.

- Less than 24 hour notice will result in a fee equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

- “NO SHOWS” will result in a fee equal to 100% of the reserved service amount.



Eyebrow Threading/Tint [TEXAS ONLY]

Preferred hair removal method to shape, style, and perfect brows! Tint of color to brows for a naturally beautiful appearance while flaunting the look of having the best full-looking brows!

15 min.
Eyebrow Threading

Preferred hair removal method to shape, style, and perfect brows!

15 min.
Eyebrow/Lip Threading

Recommended hair removal technique for lip and eyebrow area for a soft and smooth facial complexion!

15 min.
Eyebrow Threading/Lip/Chin

Suggested offer to remove unwanted facial hair from eyebrows, lip, and chin area for a sleek and well-polished look! *Great Value!

15 min.
Full Face Threading

Look flawless with a complete, full face hair removal session to enhance your beautiful facial features!

15 min.
Full Face Threading/Neck

Eliminate unwanted facial and body hair from a thorough full- face and neck area hair removal session!

15 min.

Reduce unwanted chin hair by removing the facial hair for a clean cut appearance!

15 min.
Upper Lip Threading

Maintain your stunning smile by eliminating upper lip hair through this hair removal procedure!

15 min.
Side Burn

Discreetly remove unwanted hair around the jaw and hair line area to help frame your face!

15 min.

Remove unwanted facial hair from the cheek area for a radiant appearance!

15 min.

Say goodbye to any unwanted neck hairs with the practice of this type of hair removal method!

15 min.


Under Arm

Forget shaving! Under arm waxing leaves a smooth finish and cuts down on your shaving routine significantly!

15 min.
Bikini wax

Get ready for bikini season or simply maintain your grooming routine with the most popular feminine care treatment!

30 min.
Brazilian wax

If you want to take your bikini wax to the next level, invest in a Brazilian Wax to maintain your female grooming routine!

30 min.
Full Arms Wax

Hair Removal for full length of arms for hairless and smooth skin.

30 min.
Half Arms

Hair Removal for half the length of your arms for soft and smooth skin.

15 min.